Cat blog cover: Kevin Drum

I have found a little fun hobby: making the widely-derided practice of cat blogging into something entertaining. I like to make book covers out of cat blog entries. I started it with Doc Joyner. Now, who would pass up on Kevin Drum, master of the Friday Cat Blogging entry?

Kevin Drum Book Cover

4 thoughts on “Cat blog cover: Kevin Drum”

  1. With all the restrictions, I’m almost afraid to begin. Well, not really, but did want to convey my appreciation for this blog, first, for its insightful comments on current issues which are usually congruent with my own, but not always. (As it should be.), and second, being a cat lover who recently lost his beautiful, fun-loving 18-year-old gray tabbie, I look forward to your Friday cat blogs. People have much to learn from cats…and dogs!

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