Snow Day Recap

A fair, and early warning: this is a gratuitous slice of life post.

You don’t need a reason to help someone. — Zidane Tribal

Monday brought about severe weather conditions for my area in Maryland. Five inches of snow may not mean anything to some people living further north, or in the Midwest, but five to six inches of snow here can mean a shutdown of vital community functions: the mall, the local Wal-Mart, and did I mention schools already? Oh. And those.

Having considered the projected weather for the next few days, there was no way in hell that the nieces would be going anywhere anytime soon. The roads were covered in powdery snow. That didn’t stop me, however, from finding a ride from my good ol’ stepdad to go to my friend’s house. We usually spend his days off lounging around watching television and drinking more than a fair share of beer for both of us. The first night we had thirty six beers and two pizzas between the two of us.

The day after brought no comfort. The bad weather kept on coming, with incessant freezing rain and drizzle. My friend got a reprieve from work and he had no reason to take me home on such dangerous road conditions. This begun the second round of beer and pizza, and we all know what happens when I blog drunk: a post like Ultimate End.

It was during this time that I maintained a correspondence with Boi From Troy regarding a site design for which I volunteered. Coming home from my buddy’s house my family and I went out to Costco for a taste of bliss. If Matt Mullenweg calls happiness a fresh stack of CDRs, what do you have when you have two for the price of one? Bliss, I tell ya, bliss. Once in the warmth of my hell-cave I went to work with Scott, and the results are a source of great pleasure for both parties. I am proud of my work.

waking up... or is it? buy one, take one it will be a long time before I buy CDRs again

Finally, I also assisted Val Prieto in a design conundrum for a pet project of his. The resulting conversation has, in a way, helped me recover some faith in humanity. A true gentleman, he has shown nothing but appreciation and gratitude. For that I would like to return the thanks.

As the day comes to an end, I look back at the past few days and think to myself, “how about that? What a good few days it has been.”

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  1. Gracias Jay. As I said last night, life is full of little gems, we just have to take the time to appreciate them. You really went out of your way for me and my project and…well…in the words of mog: YOU RULE!!! By the way, the pastelitos are best eaten when you warm them up a bit in a toaster oven. And cafe con leche, definitely will need some cafe con leche.

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