Pretties for Spirit Of America

Dear friends, let’s pay some attention to the Spirit Of America Challenge. It’s a sweet little competition between coalitions of blogs to raise money for Spirit Of America. Already, the Victory Coalition, to which I belong is in second place and has raised $7718.

Michele lists some of the goodies that you may get in return for donating in our name. I’ll be throwing my coin in the fountain. If Sean Hackbarth is buying donuts for the first five people who donate $25 or more, I’m upping my ante a little bit.

It’s no small rumor that I do design work for the web; Boi From Troy, Babalu Blog (to a slight degree), and Aaron’s Rantblog are living testimonials to my work. To the first three bloggers who donate at least $25 I will render my services for a blog redesign in the Zen-ish, minimalist, and yet elegant One Fine Jay way. (Take note that my schedule is busy and a redesign session usually takes six to nine hours, but for three people within a period of six weeks I suppose it’s reasonable.)

Dear bloggers who need bloglifts, now’s your chance to get it for dimes on the dollar. E-mail me proof of your donation at publicj -at- onefinejay -dot- com along with your blog URI and I will get in touch with you and schedule a design session. I’m not the best out there, and most of what I can do is evident in the skins of my blog, but what the hey. Dimes on the dollar, folks. Dimes on the dollar.

So, donate now, and then contact me.

UPDATE: By the way, dear friends, it isn’t necessary that the donating blogger be the recipient of the design gift. As long as you and the recipient of the design gift are in agreement with each other, you can donate on his behalf and I’ll go ahead and do it for him.

SECOND UPDATE: It’s going to be an auction, dear friends, bidding starts at 25$, top two bids get a redesign from me. Why two? Someone already donated 25$ towards a redesign for someone else, and I’m not going to say: “more money, honey” just to milk it. So there. Leave your bid in the comments. Top two bids get a redesign in the One Fine Jay way. If this turns sour on me I have Dorkafork and his smart ideas to go boohoo on.

THIRD UPDATE: Just in case you want to go into a bidding war with someone else, let’s try an clarify something. Pledge a donation first, and you can bid as many times as you want. Bidding ends Tuesday, 7pm EDT. I won’t do anything for the winners of the auction until I see proof of the donation after that time. Intienden, ustedes?

31 thoughts on “Pretties for Spirit Of America”

  1. In other words, the first 3 people bid $25, after that you have to increase the bid to get in, and the last person in is the first one knocked out. Does that make sense? If you’re going to do this, you might as well try and maximize the money SOA makes.

  2. Dorkafork: dude. You’re more confident in me than I am in me. Would I engage in such hubris? I need to rethink things, but it sounds like a good idea.

  3. You can only do better that way. Worst that can happen is only 1 to 3 people pay the minimum $25, which could happen as it is now.

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