Patience, we knew you well

My good friend John left this comment on a previous post of mine:

Dear “Moderate” Muslims,

They say that you become what you hate. But, I’m not buying that shit today.

Your silence betrays your acceptance, perhaps even your approval, of the atrocities that your brothers in faith continue to perpetrate. I have to admit that I am a bit further along than my friend Jay, here. I do hate you. I hate your complacency. I hate what you have allowed your culture to become. I hate the fact that you refuse to rise up and excommunicate these subhumans from the light of your god. Know this: one day someone from my culture is going to wipe your culture off the face of this earth. When that happens, perhaps we won’t be as discriminating as we have been in the past. Perhaps the innocent will burn along with the guilty. And when that happens, I want your survivors to look upon the pyres of your dying civilization and remember the silence that you hold right now.
I won’t waste any tears on you when that day comes. Every atrocity brough upon us pushes you that much closer to annihilation.

I hope that your mouths will open with outrage before we silence you forever.

More on Nick Berg:

My thirst for violence has tempered since last night. However, I think it is high time that disproportionate response be the rule of the day in our warfare with these animals. Let the innocent and guilty burn alike. If their leadership is formed of true leaders they will know what will be good for their constituents. But for now, I would like to see entire neighborhoods bombed for every Nick Berg that happens. An ambush on our soldiers? Pave a city or two. And this chickenhawk will gladly fight in the streets if need be, or burn in that dreaded nuclear attack that would galvanize this country into total war against its enemies. But I know we’re in it for the long haul, and I know why we need to win. We need to make sure yet another Nick Berg doesn’t happen.

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