Strange software behavior does not a liar make.

I’ve been working with WordPress since it was b2. In that time I have seen a growing scourge of spam comments and all sorts of efforts to take sites down.

In my experience, the best spam plugin out there to hit the WordPress market is Spam Karma 2, which uses a heuristic, points-based system to assign a score to every comment that hits a site.

A comment approved is approved invisibly. You won’t even see it happen. When a comment is held for moderation, you will be told about it. When your comment has been detected as spam, you will be told that you will.

Now, there is an additional plugin for SK2 that revives the following features:

* An administrator must approve the comment (regardless of any matches below)
* Comment author must have a previously approved comment

Unless those checkboxes were checked as “on,” it will not force an SK2-approved comment into moderation.

This series of facts is brought to you today, by me, for all the people who would be quick to accuse one of my clients, Patterico, of being a dastardly comment-deleter.

That said, I can certainly state that these strange happenings are not a fault of the spam blocker alone, rather, a possible conflict with one or the other of the plugins that are installed involved in something else. Not that any of this matters to those who refuse to believe, but, I’m just letting it out there.

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  1. This is exactly what a Bush Kultist hellbent on apolog …

    oops, sorry, you made one of the facts-only posts.

    carry on.

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