In which I think about updating my theme…

I have had an itch to participate more into WordPress’ development path at least from a designer’s point of view; while my work over the past five months has made me less accessible than the Pope himself—as stated quite matter-of-factly by a friend tonight—I find the need to keep up to date.

Hey, when you’re generally designing on the web with a single blogging platform in mind, you really need to stay ahead of the curve. Besides, there is always Sandbox, which is also widgets-friendly, but updating my theme? Ugh. I thought it would be a pain in the ass, to the point that I didn’t even bother doing it, until I saw Hemmed, which from what I grok is Widget-friendly.

Well and good, because for the average Joe for whom I will design, there will be a need for them to update their sidebar content and with my time not being on my side, a Widget-friendly framework would be perfect for them to update their stuff.

Now that my personal time is a bit more available since my schedule is basically set to something quite regular, I should probably just play around and try something new with this Sandbox thing. It’ll serve my future customers better. I wonder what I’ll come up with next?

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