An uncommon sight

Sunset from Preston, MD

The sunset as seen from Preston, MD

Around the end of July my friend and I went to visit yet another friend who lives in Preston, MD. If there were any mountains in the area one could accurately call the area “the boonies,” but in a less literal sense, sure: it was the boonies over there. The beautful thing about a region like the Eastern Shore of Maryland is that it’s far detached from both suburban and urban sprawl: there my Verizon cellular service didn’t amount to shit, we’re talking miles to the next convenience store and while the homes from a front view were still close by—this isn’t Smallville, Kansas—there was plenty of land from behind to appreciate.

The best part about the Eastern Shore’s topography is its flatness. I was blessed with one of the best sunsets I have ever witnessed in years, which I share with you today. I don’t get sunsets like this where I live: too many gentle hills that put trees far above the horizon. This sight is uncommon for me; one day I would like to live where I can enjoy a view like this almost everyday.

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2 thoughts on “An uncommon sight”

  1. OOoooh pretty! I don’t get to see sunsets like that either, yay Los Angeles.

    stopped by on click and comment monday, have a good one!

  2. I live in Preston and am very lucky to view these spectacular sunsets on a regular basis. I am not from here however, I have been accepted into the community and find it very “MayBerryish” We have our own Andy and Barney plus one K-9 deputy. It is a lovely town and I invite you to come back and visit anytime. One thing you might enjoy is in mid June we have our very own crop duster daredevil who sweeps the fields at all times of the day. Sometimes he gets so low you can see him smiling down at you while waving! Ah…I love this town.

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