Jonas Green State Park, Annapolis, MD

Sunset at Jonas Green State Park, Dec 25

Maryland, like all of the states, has its share of state parks. Many of them are well known and tend to occupy a vast area. Not so with this little cove on the Severn River. There’s a little area for walking along the water, and the rest is occupied by the remnants of a bridge that is now used as a fishing pier.

What this park lacks in size, it makes up for in terms of the view. In the winter the sun sets almost directly behind the new bridge, and the above photo is one of many I have taken there.

I have stood in the cold and the wind with my camera and some hot tea.

I have waited for the right moment day, after day, after day, to capture moments like these.

I am most at peace during these times. And now, I’d like to share.

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