On itinerant photography

I have mentioned briefly before on my site that I now own a car. The significance of that can be a underplayed without the context that this is my first car and that I arrived at the moment that I’ve been waiting for last September, and on my mother’s birthday, no less. In less than four months I’ve driven it over four thousand miles. The freedom it offers is quite amazing, and even now I am still amazed at the time I have spent pending this period in my life.

One of the joys that my owning a car has brought me has been the freedom to go wherever I want—though I am quite pragmatic as to where—in order to take photos. I love the fact that I am quite an itenerant photographer. I can wake up extra early to catch the sun rise, or stay out late to wait for it to set. I don’t have to rely on anyone else to take me anywhere for my hobby.

But you know what I miss the most? It’s spending photography time with my friends who share the same passion and interest. It’s always been fun to have a friend or two come along with me to take pictures, because perspectives are always different and different people see different things when they capture the same scene.

It is when I am maudlin and feeling lonely that it hurts the most to go out and take pictures by myself.

The view from the banks of the Patapsco River

The view from the banks of the Patapsco River at the State Park in Elkridge, Maryland

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