RAW Clutter

I have been going through my photo collection on my hard drive today. I set my camera to shoot in RAW + SHQ (1/4 compression), and I just realized how much space Raw files can take. Each photo is 13.5 megabytes in Raw, and that space can stack up very quickly. Since it has been months since I have actually needed to “refine” a photo from the Raw file for any reason, I’ve decided to clean some house.

The actual cleanup process is far more arduous than I imagined.  I asked two questions of every picture: first, do I keep it? Second, do I keep its Raw file handy? Deleting crappy pictures from the Windows thumbnail view is no joke, too. I had, at first, plenty of pictures that I needed viewing full-screen in order to make a good decision.

The really nice thing about this process is that I get to look at the photos I have taken over the past year and a half. It’s like going through a shoebox of memories; it is quite refreshing.  At the same time I’ve also accepted that shooting in Raw isn’t for everyone. Not every time a photo is taken requires the five minutes or more required for post-production work. I would leave the Raw editing for, as they say, the pros. Or those who have more time on their hands than imaginable.

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