Update your WordPress installs, folks

One of my clients told me about an email they received from Technorati. This is about a security flaw in versions prior to 2.5. I have kept her running on a legacy 2.0.x branch because of some custom queries in the blogrolls that would totally break if it were merely upgraded.

I posted a topic on the support forums to see if this issue from Technorati has been addressed. I don’t think it will matter: Technorati will play it safe and I doubt anything that the WP devs tell ’em will change their minds. Well and fine, but what a way to force an upgrade, eh?

If I ever designed your blog, or set up WordPress for you, and you still need my help upgrading, please drop me a line and I’ll try to get you in line as soon as everyone else ahead of you is done. I’m busy until late next week, unfortunately.

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