Thanks for the eczema, fellas

This is me grumbling about my previous job, where I used to dissect cadavers in the name of medical research. All those gloves and handwashing? Yes, it helped limit my risk of infection. Yes, it helped protect me against a lot of things and the only thing I would do differently is apply for that job in the first place, but seriously: I now have a patch of eczema on my right hand and that shit never ever goes away.

I have a constant reminder of the five months I spent there. Hope you all rot in hell.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the eczema, fellas”

  1. I’ve been living with eczema, too, although mine’s due to Celiac disease. I’ve found that applying Neosporin immediately after showers and again at bedtime, then using Cortaid 10 between times, does much to reduce the itch, scaliness and general yuck.

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