Questions for the Disaffected Republican

Hey there, it’s been a while. I remember you, a long while back. We used to blog and chitchat about things politics all the time. You may even be one of those now-disaffected Republicans whose ideas back then showed me just how strong those ideas are. Before I unleash the torrent of questions both rhetorical and material I would like to thank you for having shown me a better way to see the world around me. I may not be, as some might say, a line-toeing, card-carrying Republican or Conservative for that matter, but my ideals fall in line along with what used to be yours.

Now you don’t like being called a Republican anymore. Was it really that personal? I know, the Republicans under George W. Bush have had their very disappointing moments. For sure, Congress ran wild with spending and they took a beating for it in 2006. Have you reached the point where you can no longer admit to anything good (not right, or correct, but good) that Republicans in office have done? “Yes, but…” doesn’t quite count, sorry. “The surge worked, BUT, no dice.” Maybe you believe that our country has survived the crises of the past, internal and external, but for the grace of God.

You’ve pointed out the errors of the ways of both sides before. You were vocal in your criticism not just of the Democrats but of Republicans, too. People disagreed and I’m sure, in many cases you’ve been shouted down by your own party members. You believe the Republicans have betrayed not just the American people, but also for the Conservatism that Republicans supposedly champion. I’m fine with that. In fact, I feel sorry for dismissing you back then because you were right. Not all the time, but you were.

But seriously, did you have to turn around and be a Democrat now?

You say you stand for Conservatism but now you support a candidate who is completely antithetical for what you say you stand for. Why is that? At least be intellectually honest. At least say, that you believed wrong. At least say, with a straight face, that the Conservatism you stood for for so long is the wrong set of ideals for the country. Arianna Huffington, bless her heart, at least has that intellectual honesty.

You have chosen a party whose candidate supports logistical suppression of free speech by intimidation. Your candidate screams “lies!” at his opponent while gratuitously engaging in his own. The Electorate is more intelligent than you think, and they know that to an extent, all politicians lie. You have chosen a party that claims to support women, as long as it is “the right kind of woman.” You are now a member of a party whose candidate’s supporters engage in such distasteful behaviour that I can not help but imagine just a little buyer’s remorse on your part. Yet you hold a straight face, a stiff upper lip, and shriek, “Avanti!” Now your party does no wrong. Isn’t this what you disliked from Republicans before?


I try not to ask the histrionic question of “how could you,” or “how dare you,” because these tack on a judgment that I’d rather not place. But, my dear Disaffected Republican, is becoming, not just a moderate Democrat or an Independent, but an Obamabot Democrat really the solution to your disgruntlement at the Republican Party? To what end have you decided this? Is your aim the total marginalization of the Republican Party to produce the same political monoculture for the Democrats that doomed Republicans between 2004 and 2006? Do you now believe that Conservatism is such a bad body of ideals that you would tear this house down and leave it in ruins?

You might never want to return to us. You might never agree with us again, nor allow us any credit when we do something right. But I want to thank you for allowing us to hone our message, to be our conscience, and to help build coalitions that win elections and get things done as a result of your constant hypercriticism. I know you know that Republicans of late been more gracious in both victory and defeat.

May your new side lose the election, but may you never fall silent, for all our sakes.

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