I’m glad it’s over

When the networks called the election for PE-BHO, the weirdest thing happened. I stayed calm. Sure, I was hoping for a McCain victory, and I’m a little sad but nor surprised.

Before the election results started to come in, I was musing about how, for the past eight years, the folks on the left foamed at the mouth, would say things about GWB like “not my President,” or have murder fantasies about him. I saw how unhinged those on the left have become, and I wondered: what if we took the same privilege that they did? Then I figured that I don’t think they’re in their right minds anymore. I won’t sacrifice my sanity. But I will not be silent in my opposition to PE-BHO’s policies for fear of being thugged about, because until the actual thuggery happens, I will not live in that fear.

Remember the invectives of the people on the Left and the Right. Remember how offensive they have been, how crude, how psychologically and emotionally violent they were. And then remember that the only consequences they faced was that they would be ridiculed and scorned by their peers. Remember that there was a free market of ideas that was allowed to flourish so long as actual physical violence was not performed. Remember that the government didn’t come down and silence them. This is the joy of the First Ammendment.

I stand as loyal opposition to PE-BHO, and it will be an interesting four years, but I will in defeat be gracious with one condition: the loyal opposition ends with encroachment into my civil rights. So I will join Michelle on this promise: As long as I can still publish a blog and speak my mind openly about the next denizen of the White House, I will.

Where to go from here, blog-wise? There’s plenty of subject matter I can cover and it won’t be a neurotic poliblog. I can do that somewhere I can be a tad more productive, like on Red State (the following post-mortems are awesome: Karl Rove Has Been Vindicated and a short piece by Neil Stevens). 2010 is only two years away and the fight for Congress will be bloodier and more colorful than this has been.

Until then, we return to regular programming on November 6th.

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