In appreciation

Until my arrival in the United States, Thanksgiving day was a mere footnote in whatever I had learned about what would be my new home. There was some history, some common practices, but for the most part, the holiday itself was a foreign event. Besides, Filipinos usually appreciate what they have and each other during Christmas.

That said, the Holiday has grown on me. We usually skip the Herculean tasks of food preparation on this day. For the third year in a row we’ve gone to Buddy’s in Annapolis for a Thanksgiving buffet that has everything I want to eat, and then some. Ours is a family of home-cooked meals and believe me, a roast turkey and sides is not our idea of a “special meal.”

This Holiday is a celebration of bounty, an appreciation of what we’ve got, what we deign to have, and of who we have in our lives. It is a celebration of capitalism, a celebration of Charity, of friendship and a respite from a constant parade of cats, even. In celebrating this and more, we prepare for a new year swiftly on the approach.

To make it all quite short: I appreciate my life. All of it. The drama, the joy, the pain, the fellowship and the loneliness, the good and the bad. I am glad I am alive, and I am happy for my life.

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