2008: a personal retrospective

As the year ends I want to share the major highlights of my life from the past year. I’ve come to realize that there really seems to be a void between the age of 21 and, so far, 28, but there are brief moments that make a year worth remembering. I changed jobs (again) but this time I am in a position of advantage and achievement instead of being in one where I am constantly looking over my shoulder.

I joined Gold’s Gym in January, and over the year I have made some improvements to my lifestyle and appearance. I’ve made a few friends there, too, and for that, I am glad.

I went on vacation technically alone, though thanks to an overlap in scheduling I spent some time with my best friend. Ocean City was great, and exploring it on foot and by car, by myself, was a relaxing, but active experience. I signed up for surf lessons, but we were unable to push through with that due to the weather. Hey, we can’t do it all, yeah?

Perhaps the greatest moment I have been working for came this summer: I finally learned how to ride a bicycle.

These are just a few of the remarkable things that I experienced in 2008. Almost none of them were what I originally planned to do, and I think that would be my best takeaway for the year: we can’t plan for the best that can happen to us. I have no plans for 2009, with one exception: this is the year I do something with my life.

That said, my mind is open. Bring it on, 2009. I’m ready.

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