One Fine Jay in the news

I have spent the past week or so finishing a project for a client, and as such I have gone dark here on OFJ. As with every other project that I do for a client, it has given me a few ideas for a redesign of the site, and a reboot of the content. I’ve been busy as a bee.

I gave Gus Sentementes (@GusSent) a phone interview yesterday and I was quoted in his article on WordCamp Mid-Atlantic. (WC MidAtl site.) I’m particularly obscure by today’s standards but I like to think that the years I’ve spent online have given me a perspective worth sharing on Saturday. I really like how the quote makes me look excited about finally meeting some of the people with whom I’ve connected over the years.

From now till then I’ll be toiling away at redesigning and laying out a plan for content on a far more regular basis than I have been of late. Things to expect:

  • Regular photography posts, at least twice a week. Many of these will be scheduled in advance.
  • Political commentary will be banished from the front page. It will be accessible by a link at the top nav.
  • A series of pages featuring my portfolio of work, including case studies.
  • Frequent lancing of sacred cows, with less snark and more reason.

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