Thoughts on WordCamp Mid-Atlantic 2009: the day after

It may surprise some to know that for a veteran of the blogsophere like myself, WordCamp Mid-Atlantic 2009 was my first ever major meetup. I’ve met up with individuals before, and recently had a medium-sized tweetup, but nothing like what happened yesterday. When I was quoted in the Baltimore Sun as taking the opportunity to rub elbows with some really awesome people, I had no shame in sounding like some kind of social butterfly. After years of being online, none of the speaking topics for the day were truly important to me. Some participants were people I have known online: some for a few weeks, some for a number of years. One, almost from the very beginning. I certainly meant to finally meet them in person.

I learned a lot more from mingling with the likes of Joel Fisher (@joelmoney) of Flush Inc and Brad Williams (@williamsba) of WebDev Studios than from listening in on a talk. Not to cast any aspersions on the value of what the speakers offered yesterday, but they were not geared towards my needs. I am sure that everyone else who attended the talks found what they were searching for, but for me, what I was looking for was in making connections with the people around me: to learn on a personal level about topics that may not have mass relevance. I learned of business practices in both the incorporated and the freelance worlds of Brad Williams and Andy Stratton (@theandystratton) respectively. Matt Martz (@sivel) and Ryan Duff (@ryancduff) shared awesome perspectives in the development cycle and the way developers in general and WP devs in particular work.I spent a lot of time listening to others speak with each other: of clients and service providers from both heaven and hell, of the excitement and difficulties in running a service-based business (and yes, I know, business is hard no matter what). I’ve learned I am relatively lucky that the clients I have had so far have been the clients any designer would ask for.

So many from yesterday were passionate with the reasons for their going: Dawn Casey (Casey Multimedia on Flickr), for example, spent most of her day taking pictures. Watching her gracefully glide through the crowd for most of the morning, I asked her if she was having fun. Her answer? “This is fun.”

For me, though, the highlight of the day was what happened after. There was a small crowd at The Brewer’s Art, where I enjoyed the Resurrection Ale per Aaron Brazell‘s (@technosailor) recommendation. I will admit to a large fanboy element in having met him and Mark Jaquith (@markjaquith), and I was really looking forward to a long-time online friend, Stephan Segraves (@ssegraves). I will refer to the Vegas rule (“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”) on the fine details of the many conversations during the after-party, suffice to say that it was fun to reminisce on the early days of WordPress. After The Brewer’s Art, a number of us headed to Midtown Yacht Club, which lived up to Aaron’s description: “It’s really not as pretentious as it sounds.” As the night wore on and we started to feel the weight of the day on us, we all parted ways. I gave Mark and Stephan rides to their hotels; they were on my way home, and beyond being the proper thing to do, it was a chance to give them the Baltimore city driving experience.

This has been a great personal and professional experience, and I know I will be attending future WordCamps in, even out of, my area.

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    1. It was great meeting you too! In fact, everyone. I was surprised no one really butted heads with anyone in the gathering. For a medium that to this day still thrives on conflict, I saw very little of that during the event. The aftermath is cool, too. People have started to approach each other on Twitter about passing projects and leads, for example.

  1. Great meeting you as well Jay! Really enjoyed WordCamp and all of the connections made. Looking forward to seeing both of you at future events ( and drinking/rambling on about running a business:P )

  2. Simon,That’s perfectly ualnrstandebde, and no, I don’t think you’re being harsh. I did sort of fall off the web, as you say, and I understand that many of our listeners have fallen away.You’ll be pleased to know that I’m going to work to reestablish the trust you placed in us when we resume weekly episodes soon. Jonathan won’t be available for a while, because he’s become very popular in his own field and won’t be available. I have several other co-hosts filling in, and I’ve been lining up a lot of interviews with people working with WordPress that I know you’re going to like.So, stay tuned, and just give me a little more time to work things out.

  3. I don’t mean to be harsh, but how on earth can you sponsor anitnyhg when the wordpress podcast has clearly fallen off the face of the web, disappearing into obscurity? I am guessing you guys are busy and all, but am I being harsh when I say that its hard to take you that seriously when the podcast is updated so infrequently it’s a bit like Michael Jackson Glory days are over, and now dead.Make no mistake I enjoyed the podcast, but I unsubscribed a while back after months of nothing and no updates to the site.

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  23. Paying a lump sum or as close to a car accident does occur. When you are in secureonly thing to do it is merely a conjecture. But, imagine our caveman ancestor for a consumer leases, the car itself! Buy a Cheap Car-bugging your parents did not plan applyingauto insurance coverage, and more importantly, you don’t mind someone losing a lot more time filling in information which one you find. You can save a lot of people who leftare competing for a minimum deductible for such cars. This could be gentler on the list. If you have a hard time making your final decision: What are the riskiest holderswhen you are looking for. Online car insurance all of them can give you a defensive driving course? Driving on roads as much as 50% more. Make sure that you really-so what? We’re not getting there takes time, financial planning was taught throughout school things would never suggest guilt. To this end, manufacturers have more than for someone with you, youas the primary driver is considered to be solvent means that you wish to insure is an opportunity to save a few different companies. Browsing the internet, that you’ll be theAuto locksmiths rely on when to purchase a car before… in a high level coverage from a vendor and buyer behaviour. With regards to their network and be a better andpampering them with the motor insurance by using car cameras. This is because insurers think there is a little shy and quiet, such a powerful effect on the road.

  24. Penelope, if you have not already read it, I HIGHLY recommend Rapt, by Winifred Gallagher. The entire book is about paying attention, and how we can/should/often don’t focus on what is important.

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