Memorial Day is not for shopping

A view of the Maryland WWII Memorial In Annapolis, MD
A view of the Maryland WWII Memorial In Annapolis, MD

I’m an avid reader of military history. The books I enjoy stretch as far back as the Peloponnesian War. Being that today’s holiday is specific to the war fallen, I personally think that going nuts on the shopping is in bad taste. It’s a large commercial tradition, but if that’s the only thing folks care about with this day, they’re missing the point. I guess that’s why I cringe whenever some dolt says “happy Memorial Day.” I understand: many “celebrate” this day, and many take the opportunity to get together with their families. In their own ways, they do appreciate the sacrifice of those who have fallen in war. In living free, they do honor to those who have lost their lives defending our freedoms. However, something has to be said about giving a few moments of reverence and solemnity for those who have died defending our country. I’m not asking for a whole day’s worth of mourning, but a little respect is definitely in order.

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  1. I had kicked around the idea of going to a Memorial Day ceremony at the nat’l cemetery across the Bay, and finally got off my ass to do so yesterday. Good thing I did, though I didn’t attend the ceremony so much as look at some of the graves. It sends a chill down one’s spine, realizing that some of men buried there were at least eight years younger than me when they were killed during WWII or Vietnam. The little American flag at each grave did very little justice to their sacrifices, holiday or no holiday.

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