A guide to upgrading to AIOSEOP v1.6.1

Update on July 12, 7PM: A sweet welcome to WordPress.org users, now that this guide is linked from the AIOSEOP plugin page itself: Please don’t mind the scoldy, crabby, acerbic tone. If you do, skip all the commentary and just read the instructions that serve as captions to my screenshots. This was written due in part to a few posts in a forum where the main complaint stemmed from an inability to understand the instructions after upgrading. That said, the information in these screenshots is helpful, despite my meanness. What little instructional material I am wont to write is not always like this. What follows is the post as originally published.

Michael Torbert has released a major upgrade to his landmark WordPress plugin, All-In-One SEO Pack. It has a few new features but more importantly, it is even further optimized to make it easier on your database. A lot of it is technical mumbo jumbo that even I don’t quite understand, but what I do understand is that some folks still have a hard time reading natural-language instructions. Kudos to Michael for not going down the “click here” route, but some issues at the Semper Fi Support Forums are demanding a more comprehensive answer. Here’s a step by step screenshot thing guide:

I’ve wrapped the places where you have to click with rounded red rectangles. Take note that you will not see these rectangles when you are going through the process. I assume you know how to do a one-click upgrade, so I’ll skip that. Once it’s done upgrading, it will look like this:

Click on Activate Plugin
Step ONE: Click on "Activate Plugin"
Step TWO: Go to the admin page
Step TWO: Click on "the admin page"

Make sure you know how to backup your database! If you do not, understand that this is an integral part of your business if part of your consultant description is maintenance for your clients.

Step THREE: Update your database by clicking the buttons
Step THREE: Update your database by clicking the buttons that say "Update Database" and "Update Database Options"

Additional information posted at 3:22PM, same day of publication: If you never modify the post meta (such as custom titles, keywords and descriptions) and use AIOSEOP natively to generate titles, etc, you will not see the “Update Database” button.

If you have a hard time understanding instructions like these, pull your head out of the “CLICK HERE” era and understand that natural language instructions are the only things that are keeping the universe together, now that it’s past the point of heat death (yes, I had to go pull in a Doctor Who reference).

Step FOUR: ENABLE the plugin from the admin page
Step FOUR: ENABLE the plugin from the admin page by clicking the "Enabled" radio button.

Step four remains a little counterintuitive for some people, because the general assumption is that if it’s enabled in the WordPress plugins admin screen, it’s enabled, period. It is not, and there are good reasons for this. First, there is an upgrade to the database. As far as I know, this landmark upgrade is safe, with only one bug detected since the 1.6 release (hence v.1.6.1). Take note that the bugfix has nothing to do with the database modifications. Upgrading from 1.5.x will change the way the plugin writes into and reads from the database, making it very efficient for the plugin to work, so rolling back into the old version requires a database restore, hence the importance of backing up your database (or that of your clients’) before you do anything.

Finally, make sure you save your work:

Step FIVE: Save your work by clicking Update Options
Step FIVE: Save your work by clicking "Update Options"

So, there you have it. Screenshots on how to upgrade the plugin, sprinkled with my usual crabbiness that comes when I find myself in the mood to write a tutorial in the middle of a Saturday.

21 thoughts on “A guide to upgrading to AIOSEOP v1.6.1”

  1. If the buttons don’t show up, it means between the time of your first install and the upgrade, no data was added to the database. The only instance I know of no data being written to the DB is if you activated the plugin and didn’t set the options in the older version, where it says “update options.”

    You should be all good, although now would be a good time to do step 4 & 5 to make sure that AIOSEOP is being used properly. Michael explains the circumstances of the 0,1,2 buttons in this post in the forum

  2. I hit the update options button *before the update database button. Now the button is done and it looks like my customer options are gone. Do you know of a way to get this back?

  3. Mike and Jack, if you’ve followed the instructions in this guide and it is still not working properly, please open a ticket at the forum. The more info the developer can gather with the genuinely buggy ones, the better he can iron things out.

  4. I had the same experience after upgrading to 1.6.1–all the settings were blank. I uninstalled the update and reinstalled the 1.5.7 version. Then I went to the Settings page and wrote down all the settings there in a separate file. Then I reinstalled the 1.6.1 version and went to the settings page.

    I intended to copy and past all the settings I had saved in the separate file but instead I clicked on the two database update buttons in the order listed above (Update database, then Update database options). After the clicking the Update database options button, the settings magically reappeared and I didn’t have to re-enter anything.

    I suggest adding a note at the top of the Settings page that the settings will reappear after you update the database and then the database options.

  5. SleeplessinDC: your experience is exactly why I wrote this post. Too many people who experienced the “loss of their data” have actually jumped the gun with their panic and forgot to follow the instructions. Michael (the developer) has done a lot of folks a great favor by futureproofing the plugin for when it scales. The changes are forthcoming.

    As for the messages issue, yeah, we’re working on it.

  6. The process seemed well described and straightforward to me. The only odd thing I saw was on two sites after each button was clicked, it did its thing and returned the following error at the top of the page:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /…./ wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/all_in_one_seo_pack.php:553) in /…./wp-content/plugins/dd-formmailer/dd-formmailer.php on line 20

    It looks like maybe there is a conflict between AIOSEO and the Dagon Design Form generator?

    But everything, including the forms, seem to be working ok on both sites.

  7. Believe me guys, despite the upgrade seems frightening, it is not!

    Of course, I also became a witness of many suffering from upgrading, but after reading and then following accurately the steps, things became settled.

    Thanks a bunch for this plugins, it just rocks.

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