Menu Label: a new feature for AIOSEOP

Have you found yourself hardcoding your page-based navigation menus in your theme because wp_list_pages doesn’t display your page titles the way you want to with the function? This site serves as a great example: where it says “Colophon” in my menu under the title? It links to a page whose title is “Production Notes.” With the latest feature from All-In-One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert, you won’t have to! Here’s a quick tutorial on how:

First off, the following fields only show up when editing a Page: Title Attribute, and Menu Label. B and C in the following screenshot:

Screenshot: AIOSEOP Menu Label Input
Screenshot: AIOSEOP Menu Label Input

What you place under Title Attribute is output in the HTML as, quite obviously, the title attribute for the link on your menu. You usually see it when you hover over the link with your cursor. (I honestly don’t know how it works in mobile browsers, screen readers, or any other device without a mouse.) What you place under the Menu Label will replace the actual Page title in your wp_list_pages generated list. What follows is a screenshot of the output:

Screenshot: AIOSEOP Menu Label Output
Screenshot: AIOSEOP Menu Label Output

And there you have it, folks! It’s a quick and easy tutorial on a new feature for the SEO pack, perfect for taming that pesky menu.

9 thoughts on “Menu Label: a new feature for AIOSEOP”

  1. Very helpful advice on something that was causing some bother to find out. It makes sense now as you explained in user friendly way. The SEO package in WP is great but apart from here I haven’t seen anything that explains those bits as clearly. Many thanks.

  2. Thanks for explaining the uses of this great plugin. The features work great on my site, except the title attribute. I need it for my top horizontal navigation and after putting the title attribute it doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps I’m missing some coding in the WordPress theme?

  3. Is there a way to use the Menu Labels as a function? Meaning, for Page Title: the WP function is the_title();

    Similarly, is there a function for Menu Labels?

  4. Thank you. This was so much easier to understand than other explanations. Have the pics helped also.

    Thank you again for taking the time to show and tell.

    Merry holidays.

  5. I appreciate your post because it clearly explains title attributes. I didn’t, however, understand your explanation of menu label. What is confusing to me is that you output screenshot shows “this is the menu label for _” in the menu label dialog box but “_ menu label” in the output screenshot. I am confused by the difference between what was typed into the menu label box and what shows in the output. Can you please clarify this more? Thanks.

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