On Birthers and more

The idea that BHO may not be a natural-born citizen of this nation, thus invalidating his candidacy and his subsequent presidency, presents an opportunity for a fun academic and intellectual examination. That, and it’s also a chance to make an assessment on the state of the nation’s psyche.

First, the background information: despite numerous lawsuits (and I believe that have all been dismissed), BHO has not, ever, released his orginal birth certificate, which was supposedly issued by the state of Hawaii. During the campaign period he released copies of the short form BC issued by the state, along with copies of birth announcements in local papers. That’s the short story. “Birthers” claim that no such long-form BC exists, or, information on the BC would serve as evidence that he is not a “natural-born citizen,” which IS clearly defined by our Constitution.

That information out the way, let’s assume that the Birthers are right: by nature of BHO‘s not being a natural-born citizen, he is not eligible for the presidency. Let’s even take it further and say that the results of the elections of 2008 are fruits of a poisonous tree (his illegal candidacy). What to do? There is no constitutional provision for holding emergency, or “snap” elections for the Office Of The President. A final, clear finding (let’s assume by the SCOTUS) that BHO is in fact, not a natural-born citizen and ineligible for the presidency would produce an environment of such bad faith that the possible effects would be very detrimental to the nation. Let’s see how it may turn out:

This would discredit BHO and leave him with a shrinking base of power. While the letter of the law may be lacking as to his fate, I think that people would want him out of office. Were he gracious enough, he would resign. He could also try to hold on to power for as long as he could and face a Congressional revolt. Would the Birthers be happy with President Biden? I really don’t know. Since I am not a member of that group and this exercise is a mere academic activity let’s say that President Biden is good enough for the Birthers once BHO is out of office in disgrace.

Let us take the exercise a step further. Assume that in the Constitution’s penubras and emanations there exists a means by which the 2008 election results, once ratified and accepted by the States, are declared null and void. What then? Are both BHO and Vice President Biden sacked from office? If so, it seems our next president in this case would be none other than the legendary harridan, San Fran Nan. I also think that she will remain president until January 20, 2013. It’s that whole nasty “no snap elections” thing, you know? Birthers and the rest of Americans would be subject to the law of unintended consequences. Academically speaking, I have no opinion on a Pelosi presidency. Personally, I think I find the idea so God-damned frightening and awful I want to look a Birther in the eye and ask “do you even know what the hell it is you’re asking for?”

I’d rather not speculate any further on what would happen if the Birthers were right. I’d rather lament on a few things around this issue. First of all, it’s no secret that I oppose BHO‘s policies, and that during the election season I expressed my views on why he shouldn’t be president. Since then, I have chosen to keep mum about him, one, for my own personal peace of mind, and two, because I know that his presidency and the majority in Congress make this government his government, but not for long. I have high hopes that 2010 will lead to a turnaround in Congress and that the new Republican majority, hopefully led by Conservatives who have “reconnected” with Constitutional principles, will grind the BHO presidency to a halt.

However, I view BHO not as a problem, but the symptom of a problem. It’s a multi-faceted issue chipping away at our national identity, and that is Progressivism and a lack of critical thinking on the part of the general populace. Paranoid fantasy is what you get when critical thinking ignores the existence of an objective truth. The BHO presidency, however, is what you get when people don’t think critically enough.

Who’s to blame in all of this? The usual suspects galore: the Democrat party, whose members finally ganged up on Hillary; the fear of being tarnished as racist, which crippled John McCain’s rhetorical efforts; race-baiting pundits and activists who saw a KKK robe in Sarah Palin’s attire. However, I place the blame on the people who saw these things and accepted their take-aways with little question. It is this same intellectual laziness which has led our country to this point today: massive consolidation of power in the Executive (including more czars today than in the history or Russia), government power grabs in the finance and auto industries, and now, it is in effect planning a single-payer takeover of the health insurance field.

The current Tea Party movement is making waves, facing its victories and losses, and a few members of Congress are hiding from their constituents in clear violation of the essence of accountable government. It’s clear the movement has legs, but I have my doubts: I think that most Americans are still intellectually fat and lazy, and that they’d rather drug up on entertainment to numb down after a day of work (or job hunting). I think that a lot of pundits discount Birthers because a lot of the latter truly are lunatic, but a few (including Andrew Sullivan, whom I tend to ridicule) are turning this issue into a matter of question BHO‘s practices at transparency and accountability. BHO‘s office is throwing a smoke screen here: “look at the Birthers; didn’t you know they happen to be Republican,” so that it can continue to distract people from his occlusive habit.

People are starting to question this, but I do believe it’s a bit late for a few things. If people vetted BHO back in the primaries the way they did John McCain in the general—let’s not even go with Sarah Palin—we would probably have President Hillary. Not my cup of tea, but I believe she would have been the result of a truly informed decision that Americans would have made.

Ultimately, I believe that our society, one that is free to elect its leaders without the taint of military intimidation, deserves the government it chooses. That government will also deserve what comes to it once the time for harrowing happens, like clockwork, in 2010 and in 2012, so long as we remain lucid and strong enough to fight that which threatens our freedom.

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  1. Geez. “President Biden” was scary enough a prospect, but “President Pelosi”?

    I have to stop reading this stuff around dinnertime. 🙂

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