Photos from Camp Merryelande, 2009: Part 2

More photos from my trip to Camp Merryelande in Piney Point, MD two weeks ago:

Grass, a post, and water Tall grass in the late afternoon sunlight A chair blocks the view of the pier outside. Sailboats on the beach The fisherman: king of all he surveys Bait and tackle

As a getaway spot, Camp MD is as much or as little fun as its visitors would make it. Since it’s private property, one can take a few liberties that are forbidden in the vacation cities like Ocean City, MD or Rehoboth Beach, DE. Visitors can walk around the beach with alcoholic drink in hand, or have open campfires on the beach. A few friends and I were even able to bring a cooler full of cold beer into the water and drink while bobbing up and down in the water, under the rain.

It’s a place that doesn’t carry much risk, but still reminds visitors to fun at their own little peril. It’s a small hidden gem, a hideaway well worth the visit.

2 thoughts on “Photos from Camp Merryelande, 2009: Part 2”

  1. Jayvie- I went here for a week and camped out on the beach- it was WONDERFUL. I plan to go back soon. Hope you’re doing well. (Sarah from Med-Elect)

  2. We stayed in one of the A/C cabins. There were around 30 of us, so we went for the civilized amenities. It was lovely ’cause you can do almost anything you want there. I’m doing well, and I hope you are, too.

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