Seven at seven

Seven things to read, delivered at 7PM every Monday:

  • Jules Crittenden examines the brewing Shakespearean tragedy that is Obamlet.
  • The Anchoress shares a Hebrew folk tale on the value of sharing what is the most to us, no matter how seemingly small we seem to perceive it.
  • Rob at Say Anything has some Liberal columnists telling Barry Oh to step back a little. If only! Except Oh treats the Presidency as about him.
  • Radley Balko (one of my three favorite Libertarians, all on equal footing) has a column on Reason about the Pottawamie vs. McGhee case and prosecutorial misconduct. I’m torn on this issue. I tend to lean in favor of law enforcement, but the bad apples make it really difficult at times.
  • Powerline digs through the data of a report on the enormous unemployment rate among our country’s young. Having grown up in the Philippines, this looks all too familiar. “Are we racing towards the third world” is a question on so many lips these days.
  • Julian Sanchez (the second of my three favorite Libertarians) picks apart a specious argument in favor of “net neutrality.” As is the case with almost any political buzzword these days, “net neutrality” has gone way beyond the simple desires of consumers’ ability to get as much bandwidth as they’re paying for.
  • Inside Charm City is soliciting votes for the Baltimore Sun’s Mobbies, where your kind host is also a candidate under Misfits. Votes require registration. One vote per category per day.

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