On the matter of taking offense

Christian Lander already listed it as one of those things Stuff White People Like. Of course SWPL is a tongue-in-cheek critique not of white people but of a certain cultural aesthetic, and Lander does it well.

Twitter Screenshot

I may never understand why someone has to jump up and take offense at something being directly quoted. Too many people read into the idea of a retweet. Jake Tapper, journalist for ABC, had to clarify that before, too, when people would give him hell for retweeting something they disagree with. There’s a reflexive nature to the response in the screenshot, too. It’s psychologically intriguing to speculate about why this person would be so quick as to publish their “disgusted” feeling.

I write about this because I need to let everyone know: my silence on a matter is not endorsement. If I had to bloviate about everything that offended me, I’d never get anything done in my life. I don’t need to express offense in order to feel that I have not endorsed that which has offended me. I have my own ways of coping. One can only hope that the perpetually offended can do so, as well.

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