Veteran’s Day thoughts

This is the day in which we celebrate those who have served and live among us. All I can say is “thank you,” to everyone who has served in the military. I do not know of anyone who doesn’t know a serviceman, and I hope you have spent a few seconds to thank this person for their service. This collection of videos of soldiers coming home to their dogs made me cry. And while I’m sure our servicemen would rather we don’t thank them vocally every darn day we see them, @cshaero strikes a great note with this:

Hope everyone's not just honoring Veterans today. Let's honor Veterans EVEN MORE TODAY than we do EVERY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR.

While @JonHenke takes a turn for the disappointing:

If you're thanking veterans on Twitter, you're just doing it so people can see you.

How dare he deign to ascribe one intention on all of us? There were kids like these in high school, who’d speak “on behalf of the room” after being reprimanded by their teacher. Jim Treacher (@JTlol) perhaps issued the best response:

If you're calling out people for thanking veterans on Twitter, you're just doing it so people can see you.

This is one of those patriotic holidays where even Google makes a custom logo, despite their ignoring Memorial Day, of all days. It’s the kind of day that only the most hardened of anti-American Americans don’t honor. Sourpussery, while certainly within one’s right to exercise, is within my right to ridicule.

Jeff at onQSM has similar thoughts.

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  1. I await Jon Henke’s announcement that he’s closing down his online life and becoming a monk, so that no one will see him saying things.

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