Tales of a faceless kingmaker

It’s conventional wisdom that Liberals beat Conservatives in activist organization, mobilization and passion. Spurred by the election of a far-Left president and the implementation of his policies by a dictatorial Congress, Conservatives took to the streets in 2009 in protest. Even Liberals know that when Conservatives protest, it’s because they’ve awoken—or been laid off—from the workaday life. Liberal Democrats still probably can’t admit that they have awoken a sleeping giant. They portray the Tea Parties as a monochromatic, racist mess, enabled by the textbook defintion of “useful idiots” from media outlets like The Daily Beast. Despite all this libel, a number of Conservatives have moved beyond the street protests and have taken activism locally.

One of those activists is Sissy Willis, an OG political blogger. The faceless mystery woman from Massachusetts has thrown her weight into Scott Brown’s senatorial election efforts, and her ringing endorsement was picked up by Instapundit. This started a snowball effect that placed Sissy as the epicenter of an online movement to get the Republican elected into the seat vacated by the late Ted Kennedy.

That it’s called “Ted Kennedy’s seat” long after he died is testament to a political dynasty that must be put to an end. Scott Brown has Sissy to thank for bringing national attention to the special election on January 19. If not for her and the attention that it got, Brown would not be where he is in the polls, which yesterday places him at 41% vs Coakley’s 50%.

All of this started long before the NRSC decided to join in supporting Brown. They’d be dismayed to know that Sissy has outcampaigned the NRSC in a winnable effort. Her effort may not be the first one to disintermediate the national party leadership and the campaign, but it may be the most effective so far. Because of her, many more people are watching, ready to call shenanigans on any efforts to steal an election that is both candidates’ to win.

If the mystery woman of the political blogosphere can bring down a 20-year career politician and have her working to get elected instead of coasting into “Ted Kennedy’s Seat,” so can we all affect our local political landscape and prevent what seems to be inevitable. Some of us may not be faceless, but we can all be kingmakers.

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  2. One Sweet Jay. I’m overwhelmed. Thank you so much. Now get back out there and keep on fighting the good fight. Have linked you in update to my latest post. : )

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