My first ever Lego set: the Guggenheim Museum

When I was young, Legos came in the form of boxes of random, mixed-up blocks: cast-offs from more well-to-do kids who got tired of them. I never had enough parts to complete whatever the pictures showed, so I took liberties with them and just made up whatever I thought I could. Tonight, a friend bought me my first ever Lego set, one from the Architecture series: the Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Some photos:

The project, new in box Partially complete Done, and on the box My very own miniature Lego version of the Guggenheim!

I took my time working on this. It’s been a while since I’ve approached something with such childlike wonder. Tonight I had fun.

2 thoughts on “My first ever Lego set: the Guggenheim Museum”

  1. Getting a new Lego set was always reserved for a special/significant occasion. Sure once in a while I’d get one of the little 50 piece sets (when they were on clearance)…but nonetheless, I could build with those things for hours!

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