First thoughts on Obamacare

May it never be said that my blog’s silence on the matter of the Democrat-led healthcare travesty is a sign of apathy. I have spent much time on Twitter, doing what I can from behind my screen and beyond, to help turn the tide against what we now call Obamacare. It passed on Sunday night, 219-212, and the boy-king signed it into law today. Thirty-four democrats voted against the bill, most likely with the permission of Speaker Pelosi, so they may return to their districts insulated (albeit slightly) from the ire of their constituents. Both sides are weary from battle; I am no different. After spending much time calling Representatives far and wide, engaging Liberals publicly to help expose their sophistry, and other efforts, I need to rest a little: to salve my wounds, regain my strength, and return swinging.

This will not be my only post on Obamacare. The fight continues, and my thoughts would be best served like small meals. The main point for the day: We didn’t lose because of our refusal to yield. After all, They Have The Votes™ and will do as they please. Pelosi, Reid, the boy-king, and all their subjects met with willful ignorance and cognitive dissonance all applications of game theory, all appeals to self-interest, all data presented to them.

What we call Obamacare is less Progressive than what their ideologues prefer: we didn’t (yet) get the so-called disastrous Public Option, because they still have incrementalists who desire re-election.

I worry that Pelosi’s victory could have changed the legislative landscape permanently as a result. I worry that they will be emboldened in victory. As Louise Slaughter boldly proclaimed: There is nothing now that we can’t tackle. Liberals might believe that they can push the most Progressive of agendas despite the disagreement of the people.

I am torn: to give Democrats license to abuse their majority would be to allow them to self-destruct, at the expense of damaging legislation undermining our economic and national security. They have expressed little desire to accept our ideas such as tort reform, or a phasing-out of unsustainable entitlements. They treat these as sacrosanct, and our citizenry is, with each and within each generation, quickly learning a set of values different from what made this country great in the first place.

4 thoughts on “First thoughts on Obamacare”

  1. Our House delegation is 4-1 GOP; they voted 5-0 against the bill. (The one Democrat had made it clear he wasn’t going to vote for it anyway, so I doubt Pelosi gave him a pass.)

  2. So is the rubric for Liberals “don’t trust an Oklahoma Democrat” just as it is for Conservatives not to trust a Maine Republican? 😉

  3. It’s not so bad for the Democrats around here. They still have the governorship and several statewide offices. And in terms of registered voters, they still outnumber the Republicans.

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