Feeding the hand that bit her: Palin endorses Carly

Ick. Just ick, all over.

In my endorsement of Chuck DeVore over Carly Fiorina I cited very specific reasons why I prefer DeVore and why I absolutely dislike Carly Fiorina. A lot of people have been calling her a RINO as if that were a disqualification in a state as liberal as California ferChrissakes. I don’t care if she is. I don’t care if she’s “not conservative enough.”

I care because she is incompetent and made horrible decisions as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, to the detriment of the company, its employers and its stockholders.

I dislike Carly because she keeps on talking up her CEO chops as if merely being a CEO made you a successful CEO.

What about Mme. Palin’s endorsement? Marc Ambinder writes:

Well, it’s kind of simple. DeVore is almost certainly going to lose. And more self-identified Tea Partiers back Fiorina, despite what one might assume from looking at the race. Fiorina’s spending-cuts message resonates among these voters.

Here’s what I think: Despite the abysmal opinion Carly has of Mme. Palin, Mme. Palin endorsed her to show she is the bigger woman. It’s a nice show of grace, and with a wink and a nod, a signal to scratch each other’s backs in the future.

This is stereotypical, passive-aggressive inter-woman politics at its worst. Mme. Palin might just be able to help Carly get to the Senate, but Carly is under no obligation to return any favors. What would Mme. Palin do from her position as private citizen? Once Fiorina is in office, the cold and calculating witch who almost took HP down in flames with her is under no obligation whatsoever to help her out. “Neener neener, I’m in office.”

Ousting Boxer is the political equivalent of the charge of the Light Brigade. It requires bold action from a diametrically opposed force, and that force is Chuck DeVore, not this Carly-thing. The primaries are coming soon. The most I will do to support a Fiorina candidacy is to shut myself up on this matter after today.

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