On turning thirty

…Okay. I got nothing. It’s just right past midnight anyway. I’ll be writing a more personal post later but tonight I’m just funning as usual.

2 thoughts on “On turning thirty”

  1. Sounds like drama is forthcoming! 30 is a great age because you can still get away with partying like a rock star from time to time but people will take you seriously for some reason. For example, there are industries that publish this lists for people under 30. “So and so did this and they are only 28!” What? It’s not not so great if they are 30? So, welcome to the age of being taken seriously! FYI, I am staring at 40 and I haven’t figured out what’s next… Grrr…

  2. My dilemma is at 51 years old, I would still LOVE to party like a rockstar! But here, strangely, you start to run into the same problems as a 28 year old or younger: If you DO party like a rockstar at this age, no one will take you seriously!

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