A quick primer on Bin Laden detractors

It’s all Bin Laden, all the time here at One Fine Jay. He’s the topic of the week, I guess.

Let’s take a look at the groups of people who aren’t too happy that Bin Laden is dead. We can categorize them by the following points they would make:

  • The raid on Bin Laden is a “murder.” (Note that I have used a similar term—assassination—to refer to the events in Abbotabbad, and I believe it’s a poor choice of words.
  • The raid on Bin Laden is a perpetuation of the endless war on terror.
  • Bin Laden was unarmed, so this was a murder.
  • Bin Laden deserved a fair trial.
  • Pakistan is sovereign territory and we shouldn’t have gone in there to kill him
  • Dick Cheney is a war criminal for using EIT
  • DevGru has committed war crimes and need to be extradited for trial in the ICC.

There are, of course, factual counterarguments against any of these assertions. Except, the people who says these are already fixed in their ways and it’s just a huge drain on time and mental resources to try to argue them out of these positions. They’re wrong, but who would want to be faced with proof that their strict deontologies have to be tempered with a little bit of consequentialism?

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