Rightonline session recap: intro to activism, by Patricia Simpson

Patricia Simpson of the Leadership Institute presented an introduction to activism. She asked the audience the definition of “activism,” and it was centered around the organizational aspect: making things happen.

The common thread of her suggestions—engaging Liberals, attending townhalls even if your representative is of the opposition party—centers on the fact that activism is not a risk-free activity. Political activity, even in this country requires taking risks—perhaps not as large as those in countries where the citizenry is actively oppressed—especially in personal relationships, and even in employment.

Another good point she made was there are different personality types in volunteering for a campaign: there are quiet types, passive types, people types, and even nutters, and that everyone can be put to good use in a way that benefits the campaign and still keep morale up for the volunteer. It’s basically management 101, putting people with the right capabilities in the right roles.

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