WDS Team in San Francisco, July 2013.

My first year at WebDevStudios

I joined WebDevStudios in late December of 2012, after a brief stint in full-time freelance work. I was presented with an offer that I couldn’t pass up. A year later, I can unequivocally state that my life and my skills in this craft are better, way better, than I could have imagined.

I work with a very supportive team. I’ve learned to ask for help when I need it, and to not let pride get in the way of a project. We had a grand time in WordCamp San Francisco, where we as a team got together and not just learned together at the conference, but also learned more about each other when we all shared a living space (and what a space that was!) together for those days. They are, as they say, Good People, and it’s hard to put the details into words. I just know that I can not imagine myself working for and with another team.

I started off as a designer, and I still am. I love making mockups when the projects need it. I love giving feedback to clients and telling them that their design idea might need a little massaging to make it work within the medium. In this aspect, WDS provides me with a medium to perform tasks that I love.

There is no growth, though, in staying within one’s comfort zone. Our projects at WDS have constantly presented new challenges to me, new ways for me to learn new things, and not just about visual design, HTML and CSS (which have been my forte). I’ve learned to manipulate data in WP objects. I’ve gotten creative with loops and logic and yes, some of my work may seem extremely hackish to seasoned developers but dammit, I did it. And the best part is most of my developer-y work passes QA with very few tweaks from a senior dev.

A year in, I wouldn’t call myself as well-hybridized a designeveloper as Justin Sternberg, who’s been at this for three years now, but I am learning. And I am always learning something new. Every day.

This coming year will be no different.

38 thoughts on “My first year at WebDevStudios”

  1. Very proud of all you’ve accomplished this past year.

    Raising my glass to you – 2014 will be more awesome than you can imagine. 🙂

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    4. I think you are doing a wonderful job! I have been following your tweets, pictures, videos and posts since the beginning, through the birth and everyday since. You are an inspirational woman and mother! You are doing the best you can and that is all anyone can ask. My mother and grandmother struggled with breast feeding as well and I have a feeling one day I probably will too. I will continue to try and try just as you are. Keep up the good work, Jude appreciates all of your efforts.

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