About Me

Having coffee.

Despite ten years of having a large portion of my life play out online in a very visible fashion, I have a hard time writing about myself. Do I focus on what I do for a living, or what I do for fun?

Skip the memoir and grab the details:

I don’t have room here for an autobiography, so here’s a quick rundown: I moved to the USA in 2001 from the Philippines and barely looked back since. I have a bachelor’s of science degree in Biology, but due to life circumstances I’ve grown an interest in politics and web design.

I’m an autodidact in the field of contemporary code-oriented design without the baggage from the era of tables and other horrible techniques. I’ve been around graphic design all my life; I grew up in a household that ran a small print shop in the 1980s.

As early as I can remember, I’ve put thoughts to paper. I’ve basically been writing all my life, and with the democratization of self-publishing I find blogging to be very fulfilling.

What do I do?

I’m a web designer and developer working for WebDev Studios. I also get paid to do side projects and partner up with other developers who need my design skills.

Shall we talk?

Email me: onefinejay -at- gmail -dot- com

Twitter: @onefinejay

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