Policies and disclaimers

Review Policy and FTC Disclosure

In response to FTC disclosure rules for bloggers, here are my disclaimers, in plain English.

I have always ended reviews with a disclaimer, with the following examples as variations on a theme: “I have received a free/review copy of this material (book, album, etc);” or “I have bought this purchased this product myself.” I do not receive any material compensation for any reviews. I generally receive free copies of review material, which is either given away to other individuals, kept for personal use, or donated to libraries. I also do not offer advertisement on this site nor do I get paid for my endorsements.

I do not review all material that I receive.

The Federal Trade Commission deems it necessary that I place this kind of disclosure on my site because they think that readers are too stupid to discern between a freely-given review of free or bought stuff, and a paid post. There is also proof that the Federal Trade Commission will be making up the rules as they go along, which is to be expected in any kind of bureaucracy. I also enjoin the Federal Trade Commission to release regulations on word-of-mouth marketing through the use of bionic implants that zap speakers if they fail to make a disclosure in common conversation.

Sole responsibility

Opinions expressed within this site, among its posts and comments, and on other sites (where my identity as commenter or guest writer can be confirmed) are independent, and are unpaid for by advertising or other forms of recompense. They are solely those of their respective authors. Nor do these opinions function to reflect those of my employer.

I speak for myself, and myself alone.

Comments Policy

This is my house, which means I will delete comments at will. I leave comments untouched unless they fall under the narrow panorama of criminal speech (e.g. incitements to violence). I will leave politically incorrect, bigoted, racist, sexist, and other kinds of “hate speech,” but I certainly reserve the right to publish your email and IP address and ridicule you for all to see. Not deleting comments is not publisher’s approval of those comments, which means that I do not take responsibility for each and every comment on this site. Spam is filtered using Akismet. This is no secret. I will delete links from spam-like comments. Refer to this Automattic post, It Really Is Spam.

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