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The costs of Free

Recently, Michael Torbert, developer of the popular All-In-One SEO Pack (AIOSEOP) plugin, released a major upgrade to, among various other bugfixes and feature enhancements, future-proof the plugin against scaling issues. I worked with him on beta-testing the upgrade, and found it to be flawless. I was one of many, but gauging by the reaction of a few, there were not enough of us who did the testing.

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A guide to upgrading to AIOSEOP v1.6.1

Update on July 12, 7PM: A sweet welcome to WordPress.org users, now that this guide is linked from the AIOSEOP plugin page itself: Please don’t mind the scoldy, crabby, acerbic tone. If you do, skip all the commentary and just read the instructions that serve as captions to my screenshots. This was written due in part to a few posts in a forum where the main complaint stemmed from an inability to understand the instructions after upgrading. That said, the information in these screenshots is helpful, despite my meanness. What little instructional material I am wont to write is not always like this. What follows is the post as originally published.

Michael Torbert has released a major upgrade to his landmark WordPress plugin, All-In-One SEO Pack. It has a few new features but more importantly, it is even further optimized to make it easier on your database. A lot of it is technical mumbo jumbo that even I don’t quite understand, but what I do understand is that some folks still have a hard time reading natural-language instructions. Kudos to Michael for not going down the “click here” route, but some issues at the Semper Fi Support Forums are demanding a more comprehensive answer. Here’s a step by step screenshot thing guide:

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