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Magazine-format blog: points to ponder

The “magazine” format has taken blogs by storm this year, and if you’re of the mind to move your blog in that direction, there are a few things to consider.

First, ask yourself: what is a magazine? As a collection of features covering different topics, one can argue that most blogs fall under the term, but online and print magazines share predictable, consistent sections which different readers can flock to. Consider Newsweek’s last-page editorial. Last time I checked, Anna Quindlen has as regular gig on that page. When I have a chance to peruse a printed Newsweek at the local CVS, I go straight to that page. Other readers go straight to other section. A magazine is a consistent, regular publication with content that is expected by the audience. If you’re a free-form blogger who can’t deliver that kind of content consistently and frequently, the magazine format will leave entire swathes of your site with poorly updated material.

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