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NY23: the first test of post-Bush Conservatism

If I recapped everything to know here, I’d fill up volumes. Google for Doug Hoffman, Dede Scozzafava, or Bill Owens. Here’s a primer on Wikipedia.

Saturday morning, to great fanfare among Conservatives, DeDe Scozzafava withdrew her campaign for NY23 following a huge drop in poll standings, lack of campaign funding, and little support among Conservatives, not just in NY but nationwide. She was truly was a DIABLO: Democrat In All But Label Only, she had amassed a voting record that was more Liberal than some Democrats in the Assembly, and Hoffman hammered relentlessly on that fact.

Sunday she endorsed Bill Owens, the Democrat, in the election. The NRSC has spent almost a million dollars on this woman. This is how she has responded in kind. In a way, it takes brass balls to come out swinging against your own party after they’ve spent that much money on getting you elected. Some think that she betrayed the GOP, but the truth is the GOP leadership, in supporting her, betrayed the GOP’s basic principles as the national Conservative party. In the end, Scozzafava’s endorsement of Owens is proof that her election would have been a loss for the GOP and Conservatism once she’s been sworn in.

If Hoffman wins tomorrow’s election—today’s poll numbers are promising—then the Conservative Movement that the MSM berates as “teabaggers” would have won a decisive victory. It’s one seat in a Liberal state, but it’s a seat won through a grassroots movement organized against the GOP leadership structure. For far too long the GOP establishment has been telling us to “listen to your elders,” as if they were the only ones who knew how to win elections. NY23 will remind them that we are their employers, and that finally, the boss is back on vacation.