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Juxtaposing Naomi Natale’s and Sonja Sohn’s speeches at TEDx MidAtlantic

Notes from the first session of TEDx Midatlantic Notes from Sonja Sohns talk at TEDx Midatlantic

When I went to TEDx MidAtlantic last Thursday, I knew that I would have to keep an open mind to views that are different from my own. In the days that followed the conference, I have been vocal about my experience on Twitter as well as here. I have always said that I liked “almost all of them,” even the ones that I disagree with. Here and now, I share the speech that made me the most uncomfortable, and I set at alongside one of my favorites.

Naomi Natale was introduced as an installation artist and TED fellow. Since I tend to stick to the Classics, I have never heard of her before. As she walked unto the stage, without skipping a beat she started introduced her Cradle Project, which calls attention to the lost potential of millions of orphans in sub-Saharan Africa. It was at this point that I started rolling my eyes at the presentation. Continue reading Juxtaposing Naomi Natale’s and Sonja Sohn’s speeches at TEDx MidAtlantic

Experiencing TEDx MidAtlantic: an event review

Yesterday’s TEDx was my first event of the genre. I have looked at the TED site itself before to get an idea of what kind of people attend these events, and moreso, who speaks at them. This Conservative bomb-thrower didn’t feel all that hot about the fact that the actual TED event has been “graced” by such “luminaries” as Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and U2’s Bono. I thought to myself, am I about to walk into a Liberal snakepit?

There’s no denying that the Baltimore-Annapolis-Washington triangle is a hotbed for Progressivism, but I also keep an open mind and engage my Progressive friends on the merits of their arguments and try not to make it personal. (Of course if all I get is “your belief in this makes you a bad person,” I just agree to disagree and just keep at being the Spawn Of Satan they so fear me to be.) So I decided to go through the application process and see if there’s anything I can take away from the talks. Besides, the organizers have made it a point to avoid pushing a specific religious or political agenda. Continue reading Experiencing TEDx MidAtlantic: an event review

A long day at TEDx MidAtlantic

Generally referred to as a conference for ideas worth spreading, TEDx MidAtlantic was a day-long event featuring speakers of different backgrounds. The videos of today’s talks were streamed live and remain available as of press time.

I left the laptop at home despite the fact that I had the privelege of being able to liveblog the event. I took plenty of notes. I hung out with people I knew. I met people I know online for the first time. I made new friends. We were well-fed in mind and body. In the days to come, I will be posting commentary on most of the talks themselves, along with scans from my Moleskine.