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Post-presentation follow-up: Thoughtful Themeing resources

As I promised during my presentation at WordCamp Raleigh, I will be posting a few links to resources as a follow-up to my presentation:

First of all, here is my presentation on SlideShare, open for anyone to download and use. It would be nice to get some credit if you’re using it for another presentation, but you don’t have to.

Slide 28 has some suggestions for self-intiated study. The codex can be pretty arcane but not ununderstandble. In fact I believe that a lot of it is well laid out and there is a very sensible flow to the documents in the Blog Design and Layout section. As for that 101-level theme tutorial? ThemeShaper has a great one, and here’s one from ThemeTation, although the latter one starts with photoshop and ends with coding. I know quite a few people who start with coding and then patch in graphics down the line, so, pick your workflow.

I was also asked to put up a “Theme Developer’s Checklist,” and guess what? The codex itself has one, and I like it more than others that have popped up since. It is pretty much an “ultimate” checklist, and if you’re doing custom work for a client, you can probably pare off half of this.

Lastly, I did mention in passing to stop reading list posts and “design inspiration” lists that don’t teach you one bit, and read something you can learn. There’s A List Apart and as a matter of personal taste and design criticism, Joe Clark writes some very good design commentary, even though he doesn’t do any WordPress-related tutorials of the sort.

Thanks so much for the great response to my presentation. I am truly humbled.