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I’ll be the first to say it out loud. I’m not a big fan of the default WordPress look that comes with the packaged release. It does come with other stylesheets that you can try out, and though the stylesheet I’m giving out to the world isn’t the flashiest, it at least isn’t vomit sea green. Nor is it an “accessible” stylesheet, as it uses pixel-based font sizes and what not. Whatever. If you want to use it, go get it. If not, I don’t need your shit.

Originally for one of my adoptees, the Wiz Kid from Brandeis, Jaws, I’m giving out the stylesheet I made for him for all the new WordPress users out there, following the 1.2 Mingus release. Here it is in text format. And here’s a screenshot. All you have to do is rename with a .css extension and upload it to your server. Have fun.

UPDATE: Here’s the only condition for use. There is a CSS comment following the top one, with a request to keep the credits in the file. Please play nice and abide by that request and don’t delete it, mmmkay?

UPDATE 2: How could I have forgotten that little thing called a “credit link?” Do put one somewhere in your template that links to this post if you choose to use the Jaws style (especially if you use it almost unmodified). I see someone is pleased already.

UPDATE 3: I have added a few tweaks to the template. I forgot to fix the font for the blockquote. Do download it again if you wish.

12 thoughts on “Prettier WP stylesheet”

  1. Anne, I post screesnshots depending on the filesize of the output. The GIF came out to be triple the size of the JPEG with decent compression (and I’m not a big fan of GIF artefacts). As for PNG, I’m still getting to learn about that.

    I could just say “bite me,” but at least you said “please,” so there’s my explanation.

  2. Jay, good job on the template — I’m going to use it for a while until I can figure out how to do some serious tweaking of my own. Thanks very much.

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